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Learn the Alphabet of the Military and Hamradio with ease

different exercises - including voice Output

PAT trainings

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Select one of the different Exercises to learn and improve your current skill.
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Learn the Alphabet
Take a look at the Phonetic Alphabet to learn the translations. You can also listen on how the word are spoken.

Random String Training
Translate generated random Strings to the Phonetic Alphabet to memorize the Words.

Hamradio Training
Listen to a Random generated Hamradio Callsign spoken in the Phonetic Alphabet and translate it to the correct Callsign.

Multi language

PAT trainings
PAT trainings

The Alphabet List

Take a look at the Phontic Alphabet and learn the basics.

  • Phontic Alphabet translations
  • read how to spell it
  • Hear how to speak the words

Random String Training

Let the App generate random strings that you then have to translate into the phonetic alphabet. With that you will memorize the Alphabet and learn how to correctly write the words. If you translate Five in a row correctly the String will get one Character longer.

PAT trainings
PAT trainings

Hamradio Callsign Training

  • Let the App generate random Callsings
  • It will speak a Callsign out loud in the Phonetic Alphabet
  • write down the correct Callsign
  • Your score is how many you get right in a row

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