Othernet Satellite Calculator App

Recently there was Demand for a simple and easy to use Satellite Calculator for the Othernet Satellite Service. I made a simple App that calculates Elevation and Heading for a selected Othernet satellite from entered GPS Positions, the Software was broadcasted around the world to all Othernet Users recently.

If you want/need to download/run the App you can do so (right click -> Save as): Othernet satellite Calc

Externer Trigger für die RCN GLP App!

Trigger backandfront

Nach einigem Feedback war klar das der Touchknopf in der App nicht perfekt als Auslöser ist. Deswegen kam die Idee per USB einen externen Knopf über die OTG Schnittstelle von Android Geräten zu unterstützen.

Ab der Version 1.2 Unterstützt die RCN GLP Hand Timer App somit Tastaturen und kann per Enter Taste ausgelöst werden.

Damit aber nicht genug! Da eine Tastatur eher unpraktisch im Rennbetrieb ist, könnt ihr nun einen externen Trigger erwerben!

Zusammenfassung und Kauflink: Externer Trigger/Trigger Kit

HRPT Station Map


Hello everyone,

since this week there now is a Map of HRPT Stations from Radio Amateurs around the World. The big goal for us is to see if it would be possible to cover the whole globe in some way.

Link to the Map: HRPT Map

How to receive HRPT

For everyone that want's to get started at HRPT here are some good sources that should help.

If you have questions after you watched the Videos and read the articles you can sen us an email under support@tynet.eu

Welcome to our Website

After quite a long time there is finally a real website under the tynet.eu Domain.

I hope you all like the Website :)

Anything that I do in my freetime will still be found under Tysonpower.de as well as the process of some projects.

The finished Projects will then be added to tynet.eu like the Decoder for example when they are complete.

There is also a Twitter Account under @tyneteu

Manuel aka Tysonpower