How to receive HRPT

For everyone that want's to get started at HRPT here are some good sources that should help.

If you have questions after you watched the Videos and read the articles you can sen us an email under

Please use our new HRPT Site

Here is an example image you can get with that method from todays weather satellites:

NOAA 19 HRPT 20180506 150534 rgb corrected (NOAA19 from the 06.05.2018)

The First thing you can do is watch the following Playlist on Youtube about our HRPT reception: Road To HRPT Playlist

There are also some blog post over on that could help:

Many People say that you need a rotor for poointing the Antenna at the Satellite, but i just track them by hand. The image above is recorded with a 1.2m Dish on a campingstand using the elevation adjust on the Mountingbracket of the Dish.

Because many people asked us about a short list what you need you can find one down below:

  • Satellite Dish (80cm offset or bigger)
  • L-Band Helical Feed (Our 3D printed one for example)
  • filtered LNA (Nooelec Sawbird GOES+)
  • Airspy mini SDR (similar or better)
  • Recent Computer / Notebook (i5-7200U is okay for NOAA live decode)

You also need a Software that decodes the Signal. You can start with our free Gnu Radio decoder, but xHRPT from is a bit better and can be used for MetOp and FengYun as well.

If you have the decoded Data you can create an image with the free software HRPT Reader from

NEW We now have a Station Map of HRPT Receivers around the World: Read more and take a look!

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