HRPT live Decoders by Peter Kooistra

Peter was so kind to provide me the GNU Radio HRPT live Decoders he made and allowed me to make them public

There a re thre different grc scripts for NOAA18, NOAA19 and MeteorM2 that all use a Airspy mini as an input, what can also be change quite easy.

You can find him on Twitter @petermeteor

Here are some tips from peter:

- Adjust the AGC Blocks if needed for optimal results
- Bias-T can be activated in the signal source
- for Airspy-mini use 3M , for R2 use 2.5M samplerate

Great Result's with peters live Decoder

If your Signal is strong enough,
you can get some really great looking images from the Satellites NOAA18 and NOAA19 with peters Decoder.

Noaa19 Decoder with the produced Image


NOAA18 live Decoder

Decodes the Signal and produces a file that contains the Data already fomratted for HRPT Reader


NOAA19 live Decoder

Very similar to NOAA18, but the Freuency is changed for NOAA19


MeteorM2 live Decoder

Decodes the Signal and creates a File that uses Reed Solomon and Manchester Encoding. You need to process the output with MetFy3x from Oleg as usual with that Satellite to get the right Data to create an image.