Custom Software & Hardware Development

Designed in Cologne, Germany

About Us

Tynet is a small company founded in 2022 that develops custom software & hardware.

  • Full Stack Development
  • Web, Mobile and Desktop Apps
  • Microcontroller/Embeded
  • simple PCB Design
  • simple ESP32 product development
  • PCB testing and analysing errors
  • Server Administration
  • Product Testing
  • Production Support

Our Websites


This is our online shop where you can order our own and third party products as well as our services


A Simple and modern Online Logbook
All Your QSOs in one Place, Anywhere and at any time

This is the Official Website of the TyNet creator where you can find Posts about some nice Projects


KrakenRF Inc.
  • Full Stack Development
  • Flutter based Web & Mobile Apps
  • Backend Development
  • Server Administration
Othernet Inc.
  • embeded software development
  • ESP32 based product testing
  • Web UI development
  • PCB testing and analysing errors